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If you are searching for an Interior or Exterior Painting Contractor in Salt Lake City to give your home or business a fresh new look, you have found the right place. We are  RG Painting and are indisputably the best painting contractors in the business!  Our customers have given us a 5 star rating and we aim to satisfy your painting needs as well.

We know it can be extremely stressful trying to decide who you should have do the important painting work in your home, but with our many years of experience, professional craftsmenship, and affordable prices, you can put those fears to rest.


Interior Painting

Affordable Service Costs – We allow you to maintain control of the cost! Providing an affordable service is a top priority. Our pre-work estimate is reliable and accurate so you will know what to expect BEFORE the work starts.

*We of course cannot foresee problems that may not be visible prior to starting the work, however we will always keep you informed along the way, provide you with your options, and follow your instructions. These events can happen but rarely do.

Exterior Painting

The fact is that when you are ready for that big update to the exterior of your home, as the best Exterior Contractors in Salt Lake City we are ready to deliver. You tell us what your dream is, and we will do everything in our power to make it come true. We are here to serve you because we are committed to provide the best exterior painting services any where. We strive to be the best… Call us now and we will immediately begin working to prove it to you.

Professional and Honest

Your home will be treated with kind gloves by professional painters, who pride ourselves in giving an honest service and value. Unlike many others, RG Painting will never add any hidden charges or create non-existent problems for the sole reason of creating additional charges to you. If they do uncover any defects we will clearly show them to you and give you a complete understanding of your options prior to moving forward with the work.

Quality and Affordable Painting Services

Reliable estimate services! Thinking of buying a home or business?  Let Us inspect the property first and provide you a detailed estimate that will help you decide whether or not the costs fit into your planned budget.You provide the dreams, we provide the expertise to make them come true. Now that’s a Win-Win situation. Call Right Now.  801-635-4867


We are committed to providing 110% service and quality satisfaction to our customers. If you are looking for a Professional Painting Service in Salt Lake City or Utah county consider us your Best Option!

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